Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar Picks November 24 2017

Not everyone lives in a place where there are great local art and craft shows. We're lucky that part of our job includes traveling to different cities across the east coast to sell our goods alongside other talented artists and makers. This holiday season, we've decided to compile a small round-up* of things that caught our eye from our most recent show. So if they don't have these types of shows in your neck of the woods or maybe you had to work all weekend and couldn't make it out, check back every week for the next four weeks for a few handmade shopping suggestions.


*We're each picking 5 for a total of 10 artists at every show. This is just a small sampling of all the amazing talent that was there. It also heavy reflects our own preferences. All of the shows that we do are juried so there is so much high quality work, it's hard to choose. You can visit the individual event website to check out each and every one of the makers that participated. We also only pick makers whose goods are available to purchase online. 

Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar :: Philadelphia, PA



Ceramic Whiskey Flask by Wrong World Ceramics  


Festive Popsicle Ring by Virginie Millefiori


Squid Wall Art by Zooguu


Waxed Canvas Bag by Ameraucana Handmade


Sasquatch Ornaments by migration goods


Sterling Half Cage Earrings by Skelton Jewelry


Worry Woolie monster journal by Spiderbite Boutique


Rattle Snake Print by Laura K. Murdoch Fine Art


Mountain Salvaged Wood Art by Reconstruct Wood


Tacos Gift Wrap by Row House 14


Check out all the vendors from Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar here.